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Modern luxury villa with sea views

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Property features

Villa Elegance: Luxury and sea views in the Costa Blanca

Villa Elegance is an luxury architectural gem located in the Resort Cumbre del Sol, known for its spectacular  sea views of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is also renowned for housing some of the most exclusive villas in the region. Here, elegance and luxury meet the natural beauty of the surroundings, creating a perfect space for relaxation and enjoyment of the landscape.

A Design that Celebrates the Natural Surroundings

With over 625 square metres spread across three floors, Villa Elegance is designed to blend harmoniously with the terrain. The design utilises the natural slope to offer panoramic views from almost every part of the house. The presence of the sea is a constant, as the architectural design is aimed at highlighting the natural surroundings and maximising the views.

A Master Bedroom for Total Relaxation

One of the most striking features of Villa Elegance is the master bedroom, which combines spaciousness, natural light, and privacy. Located in a separate module from the rest of the house, this space offers complete privacy from the more public areas. Moreover, the privileged location of the bedroom allows for unobstructed sea views, creating an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

A Terrace for Enjoying the Outdoors

The rooftop terrace, with over 91 square metres, is another highlight of Villa Elegance. Here, an infinity pool with a beach effect takes centre stage, providing a peaceful oasis for residents. The space also includes a covered patio with one of the summer dining areas, suitable for setting up a barbecue. This outdoor area is surrounded by gardens and natural stone walls, giving a rustic yet elegant appearance.

A Modern and Minimalist Design

The design of Villa Elegance is modern and minimalist, with clean lines and high-quality materials. The attention to detail is noticeable in every aspect of the property, from the doors and windows to the finishes and the state-of-the-art technology used throughout the building. The use of elegant materials and the combination of indoor and outdoor spaces create a perfect balance between luxury and comfort.

An Excellent Location in the North Costa Blanca

The location of Villa Elegance in the North Costa Blanca, one of the most beautiful areas of the Spanish Mediterranean, adds extra allure to this unique property. Residents of Cumbre del Sol have access to a wide range of services and activities, from beaches and water sports to restaurants and golf courses. Moreover, the proximity to other towns and attractions in the region makes this villa an ideal starting point for exploring all that the Costa Blanca has to offer.

An Unparalleled Lifestyle

In summary, Villa Elegance is much more than a simple house; it is a lifestyle. It offers luxury, privacy, and an unparalleled connection with the natural surroundings. If you are looking for a place where the sea, the sun, and luxury come together in harmony, then this villa in Residencial Jazmines, Cumbre del Sol, is the perfect choice.


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